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Political Action
Since the Army has continually refused to "Do The Right Thing" and honor Vietnam veterans who field tested Air Assault methods in combat, these same veterans must fight again to correct this injustice. This fight will use the political process, not M-16's. We are seeking a US Congressman or Senator to carry a bill or amendment on the Air Assault controversy.

Suggested wording is to ammend the current Air Assault Badge to read, "Authorized for individuals who participated in at least one combat air assault prior to 1 April 1974."

Technical assistance is available from the Air Assault Parity Coalition - email webmaster for help.


Political action is expensive - buy a badge or make a donation now (use SUPPORT link).

Locate Vietnam Veterans in Congress

1. Look for Senators and/or Congressmen in your state who are Vietnam Veterans (combat vets preferred, of course) using the links below.

2. Make an appointment to see them in their office.

3. Print out all materials on this site to take with you on your visit.

4. Tell your own experiences, including the rejection you may have felt upon your return home and the reasons you feel this issue is improtant.

5. Ask your representative to initiate a bill or ammendment as described here.

6. Report your progress in the GUESTBOOK here!



Be Mission Oriented!
Keep working on this mission until you read here that Congress has passed legislation on this issue. Treat this like any important combat mission! (Nobody is shooting at us - this should be a piece of cake!). Progress reports will be posted here.

This means YOU!
If you can't help, nobody else can!
There is no group advocating for this issue. We have no members other than you! If you have any feelings about this issue, consider yourself a member of this group and TAKE ACTION NOW! This is a chance to change our 'baby killer' image. If we don't do this for ourselves, no one will do it for us!


Email is (still) free and effective.

1. Email every Vietnam veteran you have an email address for to visit this website.

2. Surf other veteran oriented sites and post messages about the Air Assault controversy with the link to this site.

3. Obtain new veteran email addresses by reading Guest Books on other veteran pages then email information from these pages and a link to this site.

4. Use webrings to find new sites - you will be suprised how many veteran sites there are!

Email Webmaster