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Combat Leader's Course
Camp Evans, Republic of Vietnam
The Combat Leaderís Course was designed to prepare Screaming Eagles for leadership (NCO) positions. It was attended by LRRP's, Ranger's and Recon troops in addition to line personnel. Students set up LZís, studied map reading, medivac procedures and instruction on calling artillery strikes. Students also rappelled from towers and helicopters, learned sling loading (CH-47) and ladder insertion and extraction techniques. Combat Leader's Course certificate and information provided by SP4 Len Blachly (B 2/501, RVN 69-70, WIA 4-9-70 in the Ashau Valley).

Combat Leader's Course certificate and information provided by former SGT Len Blachly, B 2/501 (email: trikat2501@msn.com). Len Blachly recently used the Combat Leader's Course certificate along with other documentation to request a retroactive Air Assault Badge, but was turned down (see link below).