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Book Review
"Chopper: A history of American military helicopter operations from World War II to the War on Terror."

by Robert F. Dorr

(New York: Berkeley Caliber Books, 2005)

Book Description

Real-life stories from the pilots and the passengers.

From its first use in military operations, during a rescue mission behind enemy lines in 1944, to its crucial role in Vietnam, to the Black Hawk combat copters in the current war on terror, the helicopter changed the face of aviation-and the face of warfare. Whether they are bringing supplies and medical help or coming to the rescue of trapped soldiers, the modern battlefield could not function without them.

(from Amazon.com)

"Chopper" is a beautiful, new hardbound book (100,000 words and 100 photos) that covers U.S. helicopter pilots and crews in combat from the very beginning straight up to today's headlines. The cover price is $ 24.95. Bookstores and amazon.com are offering "Chopper" at discounted prices.

What's different about this history of rotary wing combat is that the story is told in the first-person, in the words of the men (and one woman) who were there --- from the first, primitive Air Commando R-4 combat rescue in 1944 to a battle between Marine AH-1W Cobras and Iraqi tanks in 2003.

There's a new and different look at the battle of Ia Drang Valley in the words of men who flew UH-1D Hueys, and it covers events This is a story of helicopter pilots and crews in rescues, in covert operations, and in straightforward, point-blank fighting. There are extended segments on Medal of Honor missions. We encounter Marine Corps UH-34D and UH-1E crews. The first-person memoirs in this book cover all military service branches.

About the book's price: For weeks, amazon.com has been offering "new" and "used" copies for different prices. In fact, ALL of the copies available on amazon.com are in mint, new condition. It's a new book and there are no used copies. This is a $ 24.95 book sold by amazon.com for prices as low as $ 12.

You can also get a personally inscribed copy by contacting Bob ---robert.f.dorr@cox.net, or (703) 264-8950) --- and sending him a check for $ 28.88 (that's the undiscounted cover price plus priority mail postage plus three cents). If you're planning to do that, send Bob an e-mail message first.

Robert F. Dorr
3411 Valewood Drive
Oakton VA 22124
(703) 264-8950