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  Air Assault Parity Coalition - "We Put The Air In Air Assault"

Form to request Honorary Air Assault Badge

Use the form above the request the Honorary Air Assault Badge!

The mission of the Air Assault Parity Coalition is to advocate for change of the criteria for the awarding of the Air Assault Badge to include awarding the badge for combat assaults (see References page for more information).


The Air Assault Parity Coalition is formed of members of the 101st Airborne Division Association, the 506th Airborne Infantry Regiment Assocation (Currahees), the 1st Cavalry Division Association, the 101st Airborne Division Vietnam Veterans Associations and other interested veterans and civilians.

The 'Honorary' award is an acknowledgement of the error made in 1974 when the 101st 'considered and rejected' the retroactive award to Vietnam combat vets. The lifers said we 'lost the war.' Now Big Army will not make a retroactive award. Only political action can correct the 1974 insult to Vietnam combat veterans. If you have any political connections in congress please contact me:


For more information see DRAFT BILL link to the left.

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