I. DESCRIPTION: An oxidized silver badge 11/16 inch in height and 1 1/2 inches in width consisting of a glider, frontal view, superimposed upon a pair of stylized wings displayed and curving inward.

II. SYMBOLISM: The wings suggest flight and together with the glider symbolize individual skills and qualifications in aerial flight utilizing the glider.

III. AWARD ELIGIBILITY: The Glider Badge is no longer awarded. At the time authorization of the badge was announced, personnel must have been assigned or attached to a glider or airborne unit or to the Airborne Department of the Infantry School; satisfactorily completed a course of instruction, or participated in at least one combat glider landing into enemy-held territory.

IV. DATE APPROVED: Authorization of the Glider Badge was announced in War Department Circular No. 220, 2 June 1944.

V. SUBDUED BADGES: A subdued badge in black metal finished of the same design is authorized.

VI. MINIATURE BADGES: A dress miniature badge, 13/32 inch in height and 7/8 inch in width is authorized.